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  • Uncompromising Business Ethics

  • We are now one of the fastest growing real estate companies in India

  • Reliability, Efficiency and Services

  • Transparency in Business Operations

Andhra Pradesh's leading Real Estate Developer

Abhinandana Housing Pvt Ltd., is one of the fastest growing professional companies in the Indian real estate industry. The core team at Abhinandana has a proven track record for excellence spanning more than 25 years, and is widely recognised for pioneering global best practices, transparency, a value-driven approach, customer centricity and reliability in the real estate industry.

Abhinandana has a dedicated and pro-active Human Resources Department to manage and facilitate recruitment, training and incentives for their employees. The company’s HR aims to attract the best talent and build teams consisting of highly motivated people. The recruitment of quality manpower is managed to create an environment that fosters teamwork, excellence and participation. The management nurtures talent and encourages the creation of a performance driven and quality focused “people’s organization” through result based reward and recognition programs.

Abhinandana will continue to create and preserve an open and harmonious working environment conducive to the highest level of productivity and commitment.
    Sai Ambika  [ Bookings Open ]
   Sai Brundavan (Premium)  [ Closed ]
   Sai Dwaraka Phase - II  [ Closed ]
   Sai Brundavan (Gold)  [ Closed ]
   Sai Satya   [ Closed ]
   Sai Dwaraka Gold   [ Closed ]
   Sai Hanuma - II    [ Closed ]
   Sai Nandana - II    [ Closed ]
   Sai Dwaraka Gold   [ Closed ]
   Sai Hanuma - II    [ Closed ]
   Sai Giri - II    [ Closed ]
   Sai Rama    [ Closed ]
   Sai Brundavan (Gold)    [ Closed ]
   Sai Vijaya   [ Booking Closed]
   Sai Sudha    [ Closed ]
   Sai Gardens    [ Closed ]
   Sai Brundavan  [Booking Closed]
   Sai Venkat [ Running Project ]
   Sai Sudha    [ Closed ]
   Sai Gardens    [ Closed ]
   Sai Sudha Ext.     [ Closed ]
   Sai Brundavan [ Booking Closed ]
   Sai Venkat [ Running Project ]
   Sai Gardens  [ Closed ]
   Sai Simhadri Nagar  [ Booking Open ]
  Sai Krishna Ph-II  [ Booking Open ]
   Sai Ganesh (Golden City)  [ Running ]
   Sai Krishna  [ Booking Closed ]
  Sai Gopala  [ Booking Open ]
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