• Abhinandana Housing Private Limited

  • Abhinandana Housing Private Limited

  • Abhinandana Housing Private Limited

  • Abhinandana Housing Private Limited

  • Abhinandana Housing Private Limited

01. Plots will be allotted in Survey No.s  180 P and others of Taramatipet Village, Hayat Nagar Mandal, Ranga Reddy District.
02. Each Member has to pay an admission fee of Rs.1,000 (Rupees One thousand only) by Cash.
03. Plots will be of different sizes and its area of

LIG :  150 Sq.Yards

MIG : 240 Sq.Yards

HIG : 300 Sq.Yards and 400 Sq. Yards

All the payments have to be made proportionately basing on the below mentioned payment schedule as per the rates fixed per Sq.Yard.


Outrate / Spot Payment Scheme (45 Days) : Plot cost @ Rs.2,500/- (Rupees Two thousand five Hundred only) per Sq.yard Plus Development charges @ Rs.600 (Rupees Six hundered only) per Sq.Yard. Total amount can be paid at the time of enrollment (OR) 50% Total amount at the time of enrollment and BALANCE has to be paid within a period of 45 Days there from.

6 months payment scheme:
Plot cost @ Rs.2,600/- (Rupees Two Thousand Six hundred only) per Sq.yard Plus Development charges @ Rs.600 per Sq.Yard

9 months payment scheme:
Plot cost @ Rs.2,700/- (Rupees Two Thousand Seven hundred only) per Sq.Yard Plus Development charges @ Rs.600 per Sq.Yard.

12 months payment scheme:
Plot cost @ Rs.2,800/- (Rupees Two Thousand Seven hundred only) per Sq.Yard Plus Development charges @ Rs.600 per Sq.Yard.

5. Development works means HMDA fees and other developments as per the HMDA specifications. period.
6. Development charges, other fees as may be levied by the Govt and Govt. agencies from time to time and Registration charges to be borne by the customer
7. All Installments including special installments have to be paid on or before 15th date of the month in which they fall due and get the official receipt at our Branch Office.
8. The Management decision shall be final on allotment of plots to the customers who are not making payments regularly.
9. The Company shall not be held responsible for payments made without valid printed receipt issued by the authorized person of the Management
10. Out Station members may send their monthly installments and special installments amount by way of Crossed Demand Drafts / Cheques in favour of our company to the respective Branch Office where the enrollment is done. Those who choose to pay by cheque have to add bank collection charges also. if not, the bank collection charges will be deducted and the balance will be remitted to customers account. All Cheques / D.Ds./ NEFT should be drawn in favour of " M/S ABHINANDANA HOUSING PVT LTD.,"

11. The members have to pay the following charges extra than the plot cost mentioned in clause 4a, 4b, 4c, 4d.
For Plots Abutting 50 & 60 feet Road Rs.200 per Sq.Yard
For North-East Corner Plot Rs.250 per Sq.Yard
For All other Corner Plots Rs.150 per Sq.Yard
For all East Facing Plots Rs.100 per Sq.Yard

Corner plots abutting 50 & 60 feet and main roads will attract all the extra charges.

12. All the Due amount will attract the penal interest @ 2% Per Month. If the customer defaults in payment of installments, the plot allotment along with membership are automatically stands cancelled and all remittances made by him/her may not be refunded under any circumstances. Further, will give an opportunity to transfer the said amount to the existing group at that time as decided by the Management.
13. All the members have to pay the regular / special installments as per the schedule.
14. Neither the company employees nor others authorised to make any promises to customers contrary to the terms and conditions in this application. The company accepts no responsibility for such unauthorised, if any, by any one
15. Members making full payment can be provided with copies of the documents for legal verification in due course on their request in writing.
16. The company reserves the right to accept or reject the membership of any one without assigning any reason there of. All types of disputes are restricted to the jurisdiction of Hyderabad City only.
17. The Management reserves the right to increase the price of the plot in the above mentioned scheme at any time.
* Near to World Famous and Largest RAMOJI FILM CITY
* Very near to Prestigious and Jewel of Hyderabad i.e. OUTER RING ROAD.
* Surrounded by more than 10 ENGINEERING COLLEGES
* Biggest SAI BRINDAVAN Temple
* 20 min Drive from " INTERNATIONAL AIR PORT"
* 15 min Drive from NAGOLE 'X' ROADS.
* 15 min Drive from UPPAL 'X' ROADS.
* High Frequency of city buses from the location
* Surronuded by no.of residential colonies.
* Black Top Roads
* Electricity
* Underground Drainage System
* Provision for water Facilities
* Avenue Plantation
* Other amenities like PArks, Playgrounds, etc.,
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